Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns Policy

  1. Postage and Handling Responsibility

Eco Drive's responsibilities
A) All orders have the option to have a postage and/or carrier cost treated as a "request for a quote" until the cost and method of carriage is confirmed with the customer.
B) All goods will be packed with appropriate care to the fragility of the order to sustain reasonable handling.
C) All goods will be dispatched in accordance with the guidelines of the nominated carrier.
The Customer's responsibilities
A) The Customer is responsible for the order immediately after the goods are handed to the nominated carrier by Eco Drive.
B) It is the Customer's responsibility to inspect the order on delivery, or arrange to have the order inspected if delivered to the Customer's Agent.
C) When required, the Customer or his/her Agent should sign for, and record in writing whether the order has or has not been inspected.
D) Should damage to the order be suspected by damage to the condition of the packaging on delivery, it is advisable to make a photographic record of the package as received, and the goods contained therein on inspection.
E) Unless the Customer specifically instructs Eco Drive to the contrary, transit insurance will not be arranged.
Please Note: Failure to make and keep detailed records may compromise a potential insurance or warranty claim.

  1. Carriers

Within Australia :
1. Pre-paid AustPost Satchel for orders to 5kg.
2. AustPost Parcel Service for orders of allowable dimensions from 5 to 20kg.
3. Express Post for domestic delivery is available upon request.
Should there be a variation in cost to the Customer preferred option Eco Drive will advise prior to despatch.
Unless the Customer specifically instructs Eco Drive to the contrary, transit insurance will not be arranged.

  1. Warranties

Eco Drive warranty runs seven (7) days from the date of receipt, unless otherwise specified.
The Customer is required to advise Eco Drive of the intended claim, for authorisation by Eco Drive of the return of the product.
All warranty claims must be accompanied by the Sales Invoice.
Eco Drive does not accept liability for consequential loss.
Eco Drive warranty is subject to satisfaction that the defect was caused by defective workmanship or materials, was not caused by or substantially contributed to, by any factors beyond our control, including (but not limited to) defective installation, lack of maintenance or repair, alterations or modifications to the product or excessive use.

  1. Return and Exchange

Although not obligated to do so, Eco Drive will acknowledge that circumstances may have changed, preventing completion of a purchase.
If this is the case consideration may be given to a refund or exchange of goods.
For a refund or exchange of goods to proceed, Eco Drive must be notified, and the goods be returned, within seven (7) days from the date of delivery.
Freight costs incurred are not refundable.
Goods must be returned to Eco Drive at the Customer's risk and expense, unmarked in original condition, complete with Sales Invoice, packaging, accessories and all other documentation.
Note: Item 5 does not apply to books, specific goods obtained, at the customer's request, from a supplier by Eco Drive to meet the order, or any purchase exceeding $2,000.00.

  1. Lost or Damaged Goods

All claims for lost goods must be lodged with Eco Drive within fourteen (14) days from the date of consignment/dispatch.
All claims for damaged goods must be lodged with Eco Drive within one (1) day from the date of delivery.

  1. Unavailable Products

In the event that Eco Drive is unable to dispatch the Customer's order within two (2) business days, Eco Drive shall contact the Customer to inform of the delay and discuss options. Eco Drive will refund any payments received for such orders if the Customer does not wish to proceed at that point.
Eco Drive reserves the right, should a product be unavailable for whatever reason, not to be bound by the order. Payments received for such products will be refunded in full.

  1. Delivery Timeframe

All orders are processed and shipped within two (2) business days. Delivery times vary depending on the Customer's location and the chosen delivery method.
In the event that Eco Drive is unable to dispatch an order within three business days Item 7 applies.
Eco Drive does not accept responsibility for delays after an order has been dispatched.


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